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    Microsoft Office 365 Solutions

    Microsoft Office 365 is the core of Microsoft’s cloud offering when it comes to productivity and collaboration, bringing together everything Microsoft has to offer that ensures smooth and close collaboration between all relevant stakeholders in any given project or process. This includes email, content creation, database management, and spreadsheet functionality software – everything a modern business needs to get going.

    You are able to work Anywhere, Anytime.

    Microsoft has embraced the idea that work is wherever you are rather than a place you go, and so office 365 is geared toward supporting all kinds of workers, whether they are in the office or on the road.

    This is all on offer for a modest subscription fee per user, per month, making managing costs and overseeing user admin that much easier.

    Thanks to the deep integration with Windows 10, which is underpinned by Microsoft’s cloud offerings, each Office 365 subscriber gets a full terabyte of cloud storage and can work from anywhere, because their files and settings follow them wherever they go.

    Dont have a computer? No Problem.

    You are able to sign into your Microsoft account on any Windows 10 machine, and the software and data will be there waiting to be downloaded and installed.

    Microsoft Office 365 does not always need an internet connection, once the desktop apps are installed, your subscription will work perfectly without an internet connection.

    Internet connectivity allows the other functions such as Sharing, Collaberation on any device, and Emailing to work work best.

    Dont be stuck with Downtime.

    You depend on collaboration and communication to make your business successful. You need your services to be available at any time. Office 365 runs on a global network of data centers strongly protected by multiple layers of security and a strict privacy policy. By complying with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 standards, Office 365 helps you to meet industry-specific compliance needs with fewer resources and lower costs.

    Office 365 provides your people with the communication and collaboration capabilities through the Microsoft Office applications that they already rely on, giving people the freedom to use Office from different locations and from different devices.

    With Outlook and Exchange Online, your people can conveniently and efficiently manage their work schedule, share their calendar availability, and resolve appointment conflicts.

    SharePoint Online brings additional capabilities to people working on Office documents. SharePoint Online can publish documents, shared calendars, and contacts to Outlook.

    What do you get?

    If you are looking for just an Email solution, click here to check out our Hosted Emails. Exchange Online

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