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    ASRock Radeon RX 570 8GB Gaming D

    Manufacturer: ASRock
    ASRock Radeon RX 570 8GB Gaming D Graphics Card

      Basic Specifications

    • Core Clock/Memory
    • OC Mode: 1320 MHz / 7028 MHz
    • Default Mode: 1270 MHz / 7000 MHz
    • Silent Mode: 1219 MHz / 6972 MHz
    • 8 GB GDDR5
    • Features
    • Double Ball Bearings Fan Design
    • High Performance Composite Heatpipes
    • Support 8K Resolution
    • Graphic Outputs: DVI, HDMI, Displayport x 3
    • Phantom Gaming Tweak Utility
    • Temperature and Fan Speed Monitoring
    • Core / Memory Clock Tweak
    • Core / Memory Voltage Tweak
    R 5 503,00
    ASRock Radeon RX 570 8GB Gaming D Graphics Card

      Full Specifications:

    • Armor Your VR Machine
      • Prepare yourself well to enjoy the impressive world of Virtual Reality. Before that, you have to make sure everything is qualified, including hardware, software and drivers. Motherboard is the key to connect every critical components and ASRock’s VR Ready products are definitely the one you’re looking for. The premium quality is assured by rigorous testing during development. The sturdy components and rock-solid performance makes you completely immersive in the VR scenario. Users can be assured to experience VR enjoyments without any compatibility problems.
    • Dual Fan Design
      • Two fans that provide strong cooling performance and make your gaming rig stay cool. It’s optimized for delivering excellent gaming experience with stylish and streamlined design.
      • Reduce friction, allow fan to run smoother and with a lifespan up to 50,000-100,000 hours. Compared to traditional design with oil leakage problem, it improves lifespan by 30 ~ 40% and with an enhanced cooling efficiency significantly.
    • XXL Aluminum Alloy Heatsink & Heatpipe Design
      • Under the stylish and streamlined dual fan design is the anodized and huge aluminum heatsink, heatpipe along with more than enough fins that take heat from the GPU, effectively improve heat dissipation and promote overall performance significantly.
    • Composite Heatpipe
      • Combined with grooved and copper powder sintered interfaces, the composite heatpipe design efficiently improve thermal transfer of heat between two solid interfaces and increase cooling capacity up to 30%.
      • Effectively isolate all convergence of the gap between pipe and stacked fins, hence improve heat transfer effectively.
      • With premium copper base heatsink design, the direct contact area to the GPU would be maximized to improve thermal transfer effectively.
    • Nano Thermal Paste
      • Improve GPU and VGA cooler performance significantly. Keep thermal performance and operation safe.
    • Phantom Gaming Tweak
      • A fast and easy tool that provides users with an abundant collection of subtle settings for professional tweaking such as FAN speed, core clocks, memory frequency and so on. Users may also choose the most optimized mode based on their needs, like OC mode, Silent mode or default mode. Phantom Gaming Tweak delivers more than enough voltage configuration options for anyone who wish to pursuit extremes.
    • Radeon FreeSync™ 2 HDR
      • Get ready to experience smooth brilliant HDR gaming. Enjoy vibrant HDR content while eliminating image tears and choppiness for effortlessly smooth gameplay. Low Frame-Rate Compensation, Low Latency, Plug and Play and HDR Ready. That's Radeon FreeSync™ 2 HDR.
    • Enhanced Sync
      • Enhanced sync enables low latency gameplay at virtually any framerate and a tear-free experience when your favorite game’s framerate exceeds your display’s refresh rate.1 Unlock your VSync. Enhanced sync technology delivers a tear-free experience when framerate exceeds your display’s refresh rate at an ultra-low latency to take your E-Sports gaming to the next level.
    • Model Name: Phantom Gaming D Radeon RX570 8G OC
    • Graphics Processing Unit: AMD Radeon RX 570
    • Interface: PCI Express x16 3.0
    • Stream Processors: 2018
    • Core Clocks: Boost: 1320MHz, Default: 1270MHz, Silent: 1219MHz
    • Memory Speed: Boost: 7028Mhz, Default: 7000MHz, Silent 6972MHz
    • Memory: 8GB GDDR5
    • Memory Bus: 256-bit
    • Output: DisplayPort x 1 / HDMI 2.0b x 1, DVI-D x 1
    • HDCP Support:Yes
    • Power connectors: 6-pin x 1
    • Recommended PSU: 500 W
    • Card Dimension(mm): 236.2 x 127.5 x 41.91 mm
    • Weight (Card / Package): 400 g / 600 g
    • DirectX Version Support: 12 API
    • OpenGL Version Support: 4.5
    • Maximum Displays: 3
    • VR Ready: Yes
    • Vertical Sync: Yes
    • Digital Maximum Resolution: 7680 x 4320